Has The Internet Gone Too Far With The ‘Damn Daniel’ Viral Meme

by : Tom Percival on : 25 Feb 2016 13:47

Earlier this week the world was rocked by the emergence of a new meme and soon enough we were all saying, ‘Damn, Daniel’. 


The original Snapchat video of of a guy called Josh Holz complimenting his friend Daniel Lara’s white Vans has now been viewed over 45 million times, and catapulted the boys to fame.

They’ve even appeared on Ellen where Daniel was given a lifetime supply of Vans, so he can impress the world for the rest of his days.

However, the new ‘Damn Daniel’ remix – at the top of the article – may be a step too far, and some people on the internet seem to think Daniel’s lost his damn.


Although he’s still got some fans.


But there’s already a new contender for the internet’s flavour of the month…


And for those of you who may have missed the original ‘Damn, Daniel’ meme here’s a mega cut of all the fun:

Of course like all things on the web, people have to go and spoil the fun. Only yesterday police stormed Josh’s home after a prank caller told 911 dispatchers he had shot his mother.

Dick move guys…

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