Hatton Garden Robber To Lead Police To Stashed £20Million Loot

by : Mark Foster on : 16 Oct 2015 14:29

One of the Hatton Garden wrong’uns has come forward to show police where he hid £20million of the haul stolen from jewellery safety deposit boxes over the Easter weekend.


According to Sky News, Danny Jones, 58, is one of four men to come forward about their role in the crime, and led a team of armed officers monitored by police helicopters to a graveyard in North London where he says he hid the gems.

Jones had been writing letters to Sky journalist Martin Brunt before he was allowed to leave – he stated that the hidden treasure would likely be found soon if he didn’t lead police to its location. In the letters, Jones also spoke about his wish to “do the right thing” by helping with police investigations.

The Mirror

He said:


I’ve instructed my solicitor… to tell the police Flying Squad that I want to give back my share of (the) Hatton Garden burglary, they said it’s in motion. I now understand that the police said that the prison Belmarsh won’t release me to the police. I want to do the right thing and give it back. They are trying to make me look a bad person. I’m trying my best to put things right.

Alongside Jones, John Collins, 74, Terry Perkins, 67, and Brian Reader, 76, have all admitted their part in the heist and are awaiting trial. Five other men have denied involvement in the raid, while a further four are accused of money laundering.

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