Haunting Final Message Of Student ‘Murdered By Tinder Date’

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Molly McLaren/Facebook

The haunting final message of a student, who was allegedly murdered by her Tinder date, has been revealed.


26-year-old ex-boyfriend Joshua Stimpson stands accused of murdering 23-year-old University of Kent student Molly McLaren in an attack at the Dockside in Chatham, Kent, on June 29 last year.

McLaren had been sitting in her Citroen C2 in the car park when Stimpson supposedly stabbed her with a knife in the head and neck multiple times.

Joshua Stimpson/Facebook

Stimpson has denied murder charges but has offered a guilty plea to manslaughter which means he is claiming diminished responsibility.


As reported by KentLive, at the trial at Maidstone Crown Court on January 23 the prosecutor said that there was ‘no doubt’ that Stimpson killed McLaren but the jury would have to decided if there was indeed diminished responsibility.

Now the haunting last message McLaren ever sent on WhatsApp has been revealed and presented to the jury.

Molly McLaren/Facebook

Sent just minutes before her death to her friends at 11.02am, McLaren wrote ‘feel like I’m f*cking looking over my shoulder all the time’.

Only six minutes after the message was sent, Stimpson was seen standing by her car by witness Benjamin Morton.

Morton saw the events happen and had tried to pull Stimpson out of the car by the leg, even attempting to slam the car door on it to prevent the attack.

Molly McLaren/Facebook

Troubling messages sent between McLaren and Stimpson in the lead up to her death were also presented to the jury.


The two had met on Tinder in July 2016 but waited around four months before meeting in person and starting a relationship.

The messages exchanged show the relationship was souring with McLaren saying Stimpson had a ‘childish reaction’ to many things.

Molly McLaren/Facebook

Stimpson messaged McLaren on March 4 writing:

Please do not break up with me, one chance is all I am asking for.

McLaren replied saying she felt like she was ‘constantly treading on eggshells’ before finally telling Stimpson ‘it’s over’ on June 17.

After the breakup McLaren messaged her friends saying ‘Josh has turned nasty’ leaving her no choice but to block him on social media.

Joshua Stimpson/Facebook

She told her friends:

I am actually scared of what he might do, I’m scared he might hurt me.

When her friends questioned her about whether she meant physically she replied with: ‘yeah’.


Stimpson continued to send nasty messages to McLaren and also wrote Facebook posts which insulted the student and made false claims how she was dabbling with drugs.

Molly McLaren/Facebook

McLaren reported these Facebook posts to the police on June 22.

The court heard how PC Philpott, when at the station, called Stimpson on loudspeaker to advise him to not continue with the abuse.

He told Stimpson:

We wouldn’t want Molly to come to the police station again about you would we?

Stimpson is said to have replied:

Wouldn’t we?

The trial continues.

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