Haunting Photo Shows Dad Fishing With Son Just Moments Before He Died


Police have shared the final photo of a young father who drowned while trying saving his young son.

Malik Williams, 25, died when his six-year-old son Jaden fell in the water as the pair fished on the Mississippi river in Moline, Illinois on June 6.

Mr Williams immediately jumped into the river after Jaden but unfortunately drowned as he could not swim.

This is the final photo of Malik Williams, 25, who drowned trying to save his sonMoline Police Department

Friend Tim Bell paid tribute to Mr Williams on WQAD News, he said:

He’s a hard working, caring, loving family man. He didn’t know how to swim. He didn’t think twice. He was going to try to save his son.

He would save his son no matter what, he would take 10 million bullets.

If he could do it again today, he would do it.


Moments before Malik’s tragic death amateur photographer, Riley Gomez, 16, had snapped the father and son as they set up their fishing gear.

In the photo Malik can be seen looking out onto the water with Jaden sitting by his side.

Miss Gomez saw the traedy unfolding, calling emergency services while a passerby, Von Thang, jumped into the river to try and rescue them but unfortunately he only managed to save Jaden.

Relatives have started a GoFundMe page to help  Mr William’s family.