Haunting Final Text Of ‘Suspected’ Honour Killing Victim Revealed

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A British woman who died in a suspected ‘honour’ killing sent an eerily pre-emptive text to her friend just hours before boarding her flight to Pakistan.

As if she knew what might happen, Samia Shahid, sent a message saying “Pray I come bk alive on 21jul my psyco cuzzan u see”.

The 28-year-old was visiting her family and was due to return to her second husband in Dubai the following day. In the text she is referring to her ex-husband Muhammad Shakeel who was also her cousin.

Her family initially claimed she had died of a heart attack but an autopsy revealed that she had been strangled and raped, with the DNA evidence matching perfectly with Mr Shakeel’s.

After viewing a 42-page report, Mail Online reported that Samia’s father, Mohammed Shahid, had held her down while Mr Shakeel raped her.

Samia with her second husband:

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The beautician from Bradford initially refused to go to Pakistan, but was persuaded after she was told her father was seriously ill.

Samia also left her passport and plane tickets with a friend before visiting her family, hinting she may have had suspicions of her possible fate.

Samia’s second husband, Syed Mukhtar Kazim, demanded an investigation into his wife’s death after he heard she was killed by a ‘heart attack’.

The Independent reported that Kazam repeatedly said she had been murdered because her family were angry that she had left her first husband, Shakeel, to marry him in 2014.

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The police said that Shakeel confessed the murder and appeared in a court in Jhelum with Samia’s father on Monday.

They will both be held for 14 days pending formal charges and trial. Lawyers for the pair have said they will plead not guilty at their next appearance on 17 September.