Head-Scratching Riddle Of Hungry Aliens and Coloured Hats Is Going Viral


Fancy yourself a logical thinker, even if your life depended on it? Well now is your chance to prove it.

A riddle posted by TED-Ed is going viral, and it is harder than anything you’re likely to find inside a cracker this week.

First a bit of background information.


You, along with nine others, have been abducted by aliens who are intent on eating you.

But, to their carnivorous credit, the aliens have given you all a chance to save yourselves. You just have to solve a little bastard of a riddle.

You are all lined up in height order, looking ahead at those who are shorter than you, and you cannot look at the person behind you.

Everyone is given a hat that is black or white, and every individual must correctly identify the colour of theirs without looking at it.

Nine out of ten answers must be correct in order to avoid being eaten.

See if you can come up with the correct method of deduction.

Anyone else alien fodder?