Heart-Stopping Video Shows Dad Encouraging Toddler To Jump Off Roof


Heart-stopping footage of a child leaping from a roof without a second thought has gone viral online.

In the video a small child edges closer to the edge of a roof, roughly ten feet in the air.

Then following the encouragement of someone who appears to be the kid’s father, the infant leaps from the building.

Brace yourself…


That child has some serious faith in his old man.

The Daily Mirror have reported the footage has emerged from the Middle East, although the actual location is not clear.

The brief clip was originally uploaded to LiveLeak and has already gained over 64,000 views.

Fair enough the man was there to bring an end to the helpless child’s freefall, but what if he tries again with no one there?

Come to think of it, who put the little adrenaline junkie on the roof to begin with?