Heartbreaking Video Of Teen Whose Girlfriend ‘Demanded He Kill Himself’ Released


The chilling final video from the guy who’s girlfriend sent him sick and disturbingly manipulative messages, allegedly encouraging him to kill himself, have been released.

20-year-old Michelle Carter was 17 when she repeatedly spoke to Conrad Roy III, 18, regarding his potential suicide. She is now on trial for involuntary manslaughter in Massachusetts.

Roy was found sitting in his carbon-monoxide-filled truck in the car park of a shop in July 2014 after he tried to exit, but Carter instructed him to ‘get back in’.

Here is the video he recorded of himself speaking about the negative thoughts he has about himself.

The video was taken one month before Conrad’s 2014 suicide, and he spoke about how he had ‘a lot going for me’ but needed to ‘get the cobwebs out’.

Conrad, who has a history of mental illness and had previously attempted suicide, said in the video:

What I am doing is looking at myself so negatively, looking at myself… this minuscule little particle on the face of this earth, this no-good trash, will never be successful, never have a life, never have kids, never learn. But I have lot to offer someone.

I’m introverted, I’m nice and caring … there’s some benefits. I’m a nice kid. But its come to a point where I’m just … too nice.

You don’t have to be this amazing, like, thought-out superhero like the Incredible Hulk, Superman … the people that are portrayed in the media like ‘perfect,’ when they’re not perfect … nobody’s perfect.

You just have to accept yourself as an individual. The hardest thing for me is to be comfortable in my own skin.


Carter asked Roy when he was going to kill himself over 40 times over the course of their relationship.

The case is being tried without a jury in juvenile court because Carter was a minor when Roy took his own life.

If the prosecution is successful, Carter could be subject to a 20-year sentence, putting her behind bars until the age of 40.

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