Heartbreaking ‘Last Words’ Of Italian Prince Before He Died


The sister of an Italian prince who died while cycling has claimed her brother’s last words to her were ‘I love cycling’.

21-year-old Filippo Corsini was riding to Regent’s University London when a lorry hit him and dragged him 30 yards along a busy street in Knightsbridge, The Sun reports.

Witnesses who saw the horrific incident which happened at 12.40pm on Monday said Corsini suffered from ‘catastrophic injuries’ and he was pronounced dead just half an hour after he was hit.

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Mr Corsini is the eighth cyclist to have died in London this year and his sister Elena claims her brother spoke about his love of London snd cycling the day before the crash.

Speaking to The Times she said:

He was cycling all the way from London to Brighton and stopped to call me. I told him he was crazy. Almost his last words to me were, ‘I love cycling.’

He adored London. But it’s killed him. I don’t know whether we will survive without him.

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Mr Corsini was due to return to Italy this weekend to see his sister and parents, who were devastated when they received the news of their son’s death.

Elena claims she does not blame the driver but has demanded large lorries with blind spots be removed from London’s roads as they’re too dangerous.

The Corsini  family are amongst the oldest noble families in Florence and can be traced all the way back to the middle ages.

Pope Clemente XII who commissioned the Trevi Fountain and founded Rome’s Capitoline Museums is an ancestor of the family.