Heartbreaking Unreleased GoldenEye Xbox 360 Remaster Footage Appears Online

by : Ewan Moore on : 24 Aug 2016 11:14
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It seems that at one time, an Xbox 360 remaster of the Rare N64 masterpiece GoldenEye 007 was in the works.


It never came out (obviously), but we can now emotionally abuse ourselves over what never was, thanks to some new footage of the project that’s appeared online.


The footage comes courtesy of Rare Thief, and kicks off with GoldenEye’s incredible dam mission. Surface, Facility, Cradle, and Aztec also put in an appearance.

Going by the looks of it, it seems that this remaster was in an early stage of development. The graphics are clearly superior to the N64 version, though still not really Xbox 360 quality, while the whole package runs at a silky smooth 60FPS.


There are also some sequences which jump between 360 and N64 quality graphics. This would have been a gameplay feature, for some reason. Check it out below.

According to Unseen 64, this version of GoldenEye was intended for Xbox Live Arcade, and was being worked on by Rare between 2007 and 2008.

A publishing deal was apparently agreed upon between Microsoft, Activision (the James Bond rights-holders), and Nintendo, but the Big N reportedly changed its mind and shut the project down just months before its planned release, for unknown reasons.

Still, anyone desperate for a fix of modern GoldenEye action should check out the incredible fan made remaster. It’s called Source, and you can watch a trailer below.

To be honest, Source looks way better than the above Xbox 360 effort. Plus, it supports competitive online play, which takes the crazy four player fun we all remember so fondly to a whole new level.

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