Heartbreaking Video Of Syrian Boy Clinging On For Life After Airstrike Hits His House

by : UNILAD on : 01 Oct 2016 10:30

An emotional video of a traumatised baby boy, covered in blood, in Syria clinging on to a nurse after his home was hit by an airstrike has been released.


The video was posted by the Syrian American Medical Society who reported that he had arrived at their hospital in Aleppo with his brother yesterday.

The medical situation in Aleppo is so dire that the only neurosurgeon left in the city performed brain surgery on the floor without anesthetics.

They wrote “This is what #ChildrenOfSyria endure everyday”.

The Agony of Syria’s ChildrenHeartbreaking video of a toddler who arrived to one of SAMS’s hospitals in #Aleppo with his brother after his house was hit by an airstrike this morning. The baby boy was traumatized and didn’t want to let go of the nurse who was treating him. This is what #ChildrenOfSyria endure everyday.This is the agony of #Syria’s children. Help us provide dignified medical care to these #BraveLittleHearts. Donate today: http://bit.ly/1kMDwk7

Posted by SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society) on Friday, September 30, 2016


13 deaths were recording by the SAMS’ medical personnel that day, and the hospital treated 40 wounded, the Daily Mail reports.

The non-profit organisation said: 

He was hit in an airstrike. We don’t know whether it was the Russian or Syrian government.

They also revealed the shocking fact that in the east of the city, there are only 29 doctors left and a nurse said that ‘Aleppo has been forgotten’.


Mohamed Abu Rajab, a nurse at a SAMS-supported hospital in eastern Aleppo City, said:

Life in Aleppo has become very dire. No camera or no pen can describe what we’re experiencing here.

Hospitals are overwhelmed. There’s a severe shortage of medical supplies and specialized doctors. There’s only one neurosurgeon, two general surgeons, and three orthopedic surgeons left in the besieged city.

The bombs have been so destructive that children cannot return to the underground schools.

child3child3Syrian American Medical Society

Since Russian bombings began a year ago, thousands of civilians have been killed and at least 100,000 children remain trapped in the city alone.

SAMS operates 106 medical facilities to provide for citizens in need.

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