Helicopter Carrying Bride Crashes At Wedding Venue, Ceremony Goes Ahead As Planned

by : Tom Percival on : 07 May 2018 10:13
Helicopter on fire in brazil Helicopter on fire in brazil Marcel Cardoso - Twitter

A bride whose helicopter crashed and burst into flames on the way to her wedding managed to cheat death and go ahead with the marriage.


Yes, like John McClane in a wedding dress, it seems that nothing was going to stop this bride from getting to the altar on time.

There’s even video of the incident which happened in a vineyard north of Sao Paulo, in South East Brazil.

The footage shows the helicopter in flames on the grounds of the vineyard as bemused guests watch it burn.


According to the Brazilian news site Globo and reported by The Sun, four people, including the bride, were on board when the helicopter went out of control and fell out of the air.

Firefighters were immediately dispatched to the site but all four of the people on the helicopter had managed to escape the wreckage before they arrived.

Bride who survived helicopter crash gets married Bride who survived helicopter crash gets married EPTV

Everyone on board suffered minor injuries but miraculously the bride was unharmed and she felt well enough to go through with the ceremony.

According to those at the venue, the happy couple didn’t want to let the crash overshadow their special day so they got married.

Pictures from the scene show the burned remains of the helicopter lying behind the guests as the bride and groom tie the knot.

guests surround burning helicopter guests surround burning helicopter Marcel Cardoso - Twitter

Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as this bride. Back in 2016, another Brazilian bride was in a similar accident when the helicopter she was flying in fell from the sky as she rode it to her wedding.


32-year-old nurse Rosemeire Silva Nascimento died instantly along with three other guests.

Ms Nascimento had planned on surprising her fiance, Udirley Narques Damasceno, 34, and their guests by making a dazzling entrance into the Recanto Beija-Flor venue wedding grounds in Sao Lourenco da Serra.

Local man Rubens Pires witnessed the crash and said he watched the helicopter spinning around as if it was looking for a place to land.

He said:

[The pilot] went around twice. The propeller suddenly stopped and appeared to fall apart. Then we heard a crashing noise as the aircraft fell into the trees.

The helicopter crashed in a forest on the outskirts of the football field where it had been scheduled to land. Firefighters were dispatched quickly but tragically there were no survivors.

In addition to Ms Nascimento, the other victims included her brother, Silvano Nascimento da Silva, the wedding photographer Nayla Cristina, Neves Lousada who was six months pregnant, and Peterson Pinheiro the pilot.

Mr Damasceno was reportedly left in a state of shock at the altar as he was told his wife to be had died. A guest reported that he was simply heartbroken when given the news.

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