Helicopter Flies Too Close To Portable Toilets, Sh*t Happens


What happens when you fly a Royal Navy helicopter too close to a long line of portable toilets? Shit happens. Literally.

This is the moment that a Merlin helicopter was lifting field guns to prepare for the Ten Tors Challenge in Dartmoor, but when the helicopter flew over a row of portaloos, shit got messy.

The video shows the toilets being devastatingly annihilated by the power of the helicopter, as the strips of a thousand toilet rolls spiral poetically into the air.

giphy (18)

Although it isn’t actually poetic – it’s pretty vile, to be honest.

The Ten Tors challenge will likely see thousands of youngsters facing a major test of endurance in a trek over the northern edge of Dartmoor.

Let’s just hope they don’t need any toilet breaks because that shit must’ve took one hell of an almighty clean-up.