Hell Has Frozen Over After Being Hit By Polar Vortex

Hell, Michigan has frozen.Go To Hell, Michigan/Facebook

It’ll be a cold day in Hell when I order a salad and no dessert in a restaurant, I once retorted. And Hell will freeze over before I leave my house in Crocs! Oh how I now regret my words.

Yes, Hell has actually gone and frozen over, meaning situations you once viewed as being harmlessly hypothetical must now come to pass to avoid hypocrisy.

My personal – reluctant – to do list now includes owning a pet snake, debating with a Flat Earther and getting an eyeball tattoo.

Hell – the town in Michigan not the fiery realm presided over by Satan – has been plunged to temperatures of -26C as the polar vortex continues to affect northern parts of the US.

A Facebook page dedicated to the spookily named town has uploaded various photographs which show the streets of Hell blanketed with thick layers of snow, causing some amusement.

As reported by Click On Detroit some residents of Hell have been forced to head to a warming centre at the Hell Saloon in a bid to keep the chill at bay.

Hell Saloon manager, Erik Kauser, reportedly said:

We have seen an influx in the last few days with the bad weather.

The Hell Saloon is reportedly in keeping with the general demonic vibe of the small town, serving up dishes with names like ‘Scorn Dog’ and ‘Hades Salad’.

Bodies of water in Hell have frozen over, and businesses have been forced to close.

The extreme cold affecting the American midwest has so far claimed at least 21 lives, as reported by The Guardian.

Furthermore, at least 144 Illinois people residents were hospitalised for cold-related injuries over the course of two days, as reported by The Guardian.

Meteorology director of the Weather Underground firm, Jeff Masters, told The Guardian:

I don’t think there’s ever been a case where we’ve seen [such a big] shift in temperatures,

Past record-cold waves have not dissipated this quickly. Here we are going right into spring-like temperatures.

Our thoughts are with all those who been affected by the extreme cold weather in parts of the US.

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