Hen Party Brilliantly Crashes Live Olympics Broadcast In Rio


As proven on last night’s late-night BBC Olympic coverage, anything can happen on live TV.

Presenter Dan Walker was performing an ordinary link section on BBC Four late on Saturday night from Copacabana beach when at least a dozen women stumbled past drinking and singing.

A Brazilian bride-to-be and her bachelorettes marched past Welker as he was trying to introduce the weightlifting.

After asking the cameraman if he’d show the hen party in full flow, he was joined by the bride.

The bride-to-be told viewers she was getting married next month and sent a message to her fiance, even if she did appear to temporarily forget his name.

And it didn’t take long before Welker seemed to regret his decision to bring attention to the party – it was clear the hen party didn’t want to go anywhere. After a few shoutouts from the bride though, he managed to move on with his segment and the ladies moved on with their party.

As Welker noted on Twitter shortly afterwards, a number of things could have gone wrong with the impromptu live interview, but obviously, social media loved it.

And it all ended pretty great for Welker: