Here Are All The Trailers That Dropped At Comic-Con Last Night

trailer thumbMarvel/Warner Bros.

Geeks, nerds and pop-culture vultures rejoice for Comic-Con is upon us and not a day goes by without there being a shitload of new trailers for us to sink our teeth into.

While a lot of the trailers shown are Con exclusive – that’s why we so often see them recorded on iPhones – the good people over at Warner Bros and Marvel were kind enough to publicly release some teasers for our viewing pleasure.

So, here’s a round up of the most exciting trailers to come out of San Diego last night…

Justice League

After DC’s wobbly cinematic start with Man of Steel began to look like a full blown car crash with the release of Batman V Superman, I can happily say that it looks like Justice League is here to save the day.

If the the trailer’s anything to go by, then gone is the grim, gritty growling of the previous two films. Instead, we get a bright and airy teaser that focuses on Batman’s attempts to put together the greatest superhero team ever.

Ezra Miller delights as the Flash and looks to be the potential breakout character that the DC snooze-fests have so badly needed.

Funny and fresh, this teaser will no doubt allay fears that some DC fans had that Warner Bros didn’t know how to sort out their live action superhero franchise.

Doctor Strange

Taking Marvel out of the world of science fantasy and into the world of mysticism and magic, Doctor Strange looks like an incredible blend of a superhero origin story with the over the top visuals and ideas of a Christopher Nolan film.

While the trailer doesn’t really add anything new to the table, it’s certainly got us hyper for the Sorcerer Supreme’s big screen debut, even if Benedict Cumberbatch does sound exactly like Hugh Laurie’s Doctor House…

Wonder Woman

While Marvel may dominate at the box office, DC are pulling ahead in the diversity game, getting a female led superhero film out before their rivals – and a wonderful looking one at that.

Wonder Woman will tell the story of Princess Diana of Themyscira (Gal Gadot), an Amazon warrior woman who’s drawn into the world of man when a crash survivor informs her that the world needs saving.

While not quite as joyous as the Justice League trailer, Wonder Woman looks to be in a similar position to Doctor Strange and brings the world of magic into the DC cinematic universe.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

The final officially released trailer is the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them teaser, which fills in exactly what we can expect from Beasts.

It seems that Eddie Redmayne will be bringing magical chaos to the streets of 1920s New York when he accidentally releases all sorts of beasties into the muggle city.