Here Are Five Stories That Will Make Your Bank Holiday Weekend

by : UNILAD on : 30 Aug 2015 15:32
harry-potter-desk-inlineharry-potter-desk-inlineStephanie Stephens

Everyone loves feel good stories, and if you’re dying of a hangover, they’re pretty much the best thing ever. Well that and a fry-up.


Luckily, there are some amazing people out there who have provided not one, but five of them for us to feast our eyes upon.

Maths teacher Stephanie Stephens is our first hero, given she created a Harry Potter themed classroom to get kids excited about school.

harry-potter-door-inline1harry-potter-door-inline1Stephanie Stephens

Instagram are a close second, now they’ve decided to allow us to ‘post landscape and portrait videos and pictures of the first time’, basically meaning you don’t have to crop images into odd dimensions anymore.


Previously, you could only upload images in a square format.

Disney were one of the first to take advantage of that, uploading a landscape orientated trailer for Star Wars.


Then there is the Brazilian stray dog, who managed to lose 30lbs, after being obese and weighing in at a massive 80lbs.

The dog had been fed scraps by strangers, and given the amount of weight he put on, you have to imagine there were a lot of scraps and a lot of strangers.

He dropped the pounds after a stranger brought him to the Animal Protection Organization, who turned him into a healthier, happier dog.


Oh, and then we have the dad who was totally down with his son choosing to play with an Ariel doll, and got seriously excited in a YouTube video.


Because why can’t girls like trucks and dinosaurs and boys like Disney Princesses.

Finally, in the stuff of Matilda’s dreams, every library in Scotland is giving children a library card.

They will be issued the cards at birth or before they enter primary school, so kids will be encouraged to read.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon claimed that it will ‘make sure every child has the opportunity to get excited about reading’


You feel better now, don’t you.

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