Here Are Four New Laws You Need To Know About

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The start of October signalled that winter was coming. Yeah, Jon Snow eat your heart out.


The temperatures have dropped, Halloween is on the way and shops are escalating as per usual, getting Christmas stuff on the shelves.

As alarming as that is, it’s not the only thing that the 1st October signalled – oh, no. Four new laws were also implemented, and you need to know about them.


You now have a 30-day refund right


Consumers everywhere will rejoice upon hearing a 30-day refund right is now mandatory by law.

This will only apply for faulty goods, with shops only having to have a ‘reasonable’ refund period previously, which was also dependent on the item in question.

This has now been included in the Consumers Credit Act, with online purchases offered more protection.

smoking asmoking aIndependent

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have to be installed on all floors in rented accommodation

In rented accommodation, smoke alarms will now have to be installed on each floor. Carbon monoxide alarms are also required in every room.

According to government stats, once the law is enforced, it will prevent 25 deaths and 700 injuries a year.

Should landlords ignore the law, they face a whopping £5,000 fine.


The ruling will only apply in England, given housing is a devolved issue in Scotland and Wales.

parking ticketparking ticket

Ten minute grace period on parking tickets

Not only will parking attendants no longer be rewarded for hitting targets when booking a certain number of people, they will also be forced to grant a 10-minute grace period when handing out tickets.

That’s obviously great news for motorists, and something everyone should know.

dm1dm1Daily Mail

You can no longer smoke in cars with children in them

If children are under 18, parents in England and Wales face a fine if caught smoking when driving with them in the car.

Vaping is ok, as is smoking in a car with a convertible roof.

Police have said they will look to educate parents rather than punish them, but it does carry a £50 fine.

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