Here Are Some Of The Strangest Insults From Around The World


These days when you go on social media or hear someone under the age of 20 talk, you don’t know if the words they’re using are the new ‘bae’ or something they’ve made up themselves.

That’s why hearing the rather odd insults that are used around the world is interesting to say the least.

From France to Mexico, here are the strangest phrases that people use to insult each other, and apparently, you can really offend someone by telling them they’re as ugly as a salad or that they speak French like a Spanish cow.

insultsJust The Flight

So really, all this tells us is that people really are f*cking odd, and that calling someone an idiot or a dick is really just too mainstream.

Next time you’re in an argument, just throw some of these phrases around, and if nothing else, people will be too confused to even reply.