Here Are The New E-Cigarette Laws That Vapers Need To Know About


Take note all you vapers out there, as 2016 is set to bring with it big changes for those of you who smoke e-cigarettes.

From May, the EU will bring in standardised laws placing restrictions on how large their liquid containers can be, how much nicotine they can contain and also how and where they are allowed to be advertised.

Politicians have been arguing back and forth for ages about how to deal with the e-cigarette craze. Some argue that they could serve as a ‘gateway’ to smoking actual cigarettes and newly published research even suggests that vaping could be just as bad for you as smoking tobacco.

But no one seems sure, with other experts arguing that e-cigarettes are a valuable – and harmless – tool for helping people to quit smoking and should therefore be promoted. 

In the UK, the new laws mean there will be tighter rules on what products you can buy, but in other EU countries the laws will actually be loosened – in Belgium, for example, they are currently banned but will be permitted again in May.

The new laws mean refill containers can be no larger than 10ml, while cartridges will have a maximum size of 2ml.

The strongest permissible nicotine strength will be set at 20mg (similar to a strong cigarette). However, there is still a chance that e-cigs could be banned outright if three or more EU countries decide they are harmful.

To be honest, even the experts don’t seem sure if they’re bad for you or not so how the hell are any of us supposed to know?

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