Here Are The Top 10 Most Disgusting NOPES Of 2015

by : UNILAD on : 28 Dec 2015 10:35

We love a good NOPE here at UNILAD and, quite frankly, what better way to celebrate an incredible 2015 than by reliving ten of the grimmest videos we’ve had the joy of experiencing this year.


Nothing fills us with Christmas cheer quite like videos of humongous blisters and the like being popped and decking the halls with pus-filled horror.

After all, who doesn’t feel festive after watching a cockroach dragged out of someone’s ear canal?

So, in no particular order, here’s the most gruesome videos of spot popping, ear infestations and general grimness we’ve seen this year, helpfully compiled in one list for you all to enjoy once again.

Just don’t watch these clips before you’re about to sit down and tuck into your turkey dinner…


Woman Gets Giant Cyst On Her Head Popped On Live TV

Twenty years. That’s how long this absolute beast of a cyst was sitting atop this poor woman’s head. So, after two decades, she decided to go and get the thing popped by a medical professional on live TV, as you do. This thing was the size of an egg and it cracked like one too. We expect you’ll be just as grossed out by this experience as the members of The Doctors audience were.

Horrifying Moment Woman Has Centipede Removed From Her Ear

An unfortunate woman in China had to visit the hospital after a large centipede wandered into her ear while she was sleeping. And this creepy crawly wasn’t budging from its makeshift home without a fight. Lovely…


Doctor Removes Massive Knife From Guy’s Eye While He’s Still Awake

Popping spots and having teeth pulled is one thing, but this gross video of a poor lad having a large knife removed from his eye will probably make you completely rethink what bravery really is. Oh, and the guy is awake the entire time. He’s also pretty calm considering he’s got a massive blade sticking out of his eye socket but each to their own. “Grim” doesn’t even begin to cover this one!



Massive Cyst Popped And Leaves Hole So Big It Needs Stitches

Just some footage of a blackhead as hard as a marble getting popped into oblivion. No big deal. The shit that comes pouring out of this monstrosity is absolutely horrendous and this unfortunate dude is left with a hole in his back so large that it actually requires stitches. Ouch!

Huge Botfly Maggot Removed From Man’s Head

Okay, so we’re cheating slightly here since this one is actually from the tail-end of last year but, come on, it’s a fucking maggot being pulled out of someone’s head! A month after the botfly larvae burrowed into this poor lad’s scalp, this video shows the moment it was removed with tweezers. This beast was so big, the guy was left with a massive hole on the top of his scalp after it’s pulled out. It’s all very nasty but there’s some Vivaldi over the top to try and make it slightly less horrific. It hasn’t done the trick…

Girl Pops Six-Year-Old Spot, A Whole Load Of NOPE Happens

This young girl was diagnosed with a growth on her ear at the age of two, but six years later it turned into a simple, pus-filled spot. So, naturally, after more than half a decade of this thing chilling out on the side of her ear, she decided it was time to squeeze this bad boy and film the whole thing. And, in the end, a hell of a lot of pus comes wriggling out like a long strand of spaghetti. Grim, yet strangely satisfying.

Watching This 10-Year-Old Cyst Get Popped Is Beyond NOPE


Apparently cysts getting popped has been something of a running theme this year, and this 10-year-old monster on the back of this poor bloke’s neck getting the life squeezed out of it is up there with the best. Apparently, this thing had become such a fixture in this guy’s life he’d actually named it ‘Vom’ (fitting, to be honest). A lot of pus comes out of the epidermoid cyst, as you might expect, and it’s just as disgusting as you’d hope.


Cockroach Living In Man’s Ear Has 26 Babies

You’ve witnessed one insect being pulled from an ear, but this NOPE-fest well and truly raised the stakes. A man went to his local hospital complaining of ear pain and was told he had not one, not two, but 26 cockroaches living in there. Doctors reckoned the female had crawled in weeks earlier and laid her eggs in the snug little makeshift cave. Just look at the absolute size of this thing (and her kids)!


Man Squeezes Lots Of Pus Out Of Tattoo, Claims It’s MRSA

This might put you off ever getting some ink, as one man was only too happy to show off his infected tattoo and squeeze the pus out for everyone on his YouTube channel to enjoy. The Aussie claims the white goop is down to the dreaded MRSA but he seems pretty casual about it all if he does have a life threatening infection, to be honest. To each their own…

This Guy’s Head Lice Infestation Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Three months on, and this is still one of the worst head lice infestations we’ve ever seen. Seriously, how do you let things get this bad? Here’s a close-up view of insects crawling all over this poor lad’s scalp. Is anyone else’s head suddenly feeling itchy?


And if you managed to get through all of those, good luck sleeping tonight, quite frankly!

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