Here Is What The Homeless Population Of London Can Do With 100 Cameras

by : UNILAD on : 29 Aug 2015 16:15
homelesshomelessCafe Art

A series of stunning photos have emerged, all taken by people in London who have been affected by homelessness, as part of an art project.


Café Art handed out 100 cameras to the homeless population of London, back in July, and told them to take photos of what they saw on a daily basis.

The London based art creative café then made the photos into a calendar, with the project known as My London Calendar, and hope to use it to raise awareness of the homeless population and also empower the estimated 6,437 sleeping rough.

homeless1homeless1Cafe Art

Café Art described their aim on their website, and claimed:


The calendar [tells] stories from individuals who are affected by homelessness, thereby raising awareness in the general public about issues from a personal perspective.

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Eye-opening stuff.

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