Here They Lie Trailer Shows Off A Terrifying VR Experience


Halloween approaches, and with it comes Here They Lie, a perfectly timed horror game that’s set to launch with PlayStation VR. 

Navigating the subway is scary enough at the best of times, but this creepy psychological experience from Tangentlemen, SIE Santa Monica Studio depicts a strange underground labyrinth full of bizarre an un-explainable things, such as animal-mask wearing killers, demonic creatures, and trains that show up on time.

Check out the trailer below.

Similar to Layers of Fear, P.T, and Allison RoadHere They Lie looks like the kind of experience that aims to fuck with your head and shift the world around you.

The fact that all of this will be happening in virtual reality probably means you shouldn’t let anyone with a heart condition play – not unless you fancy prying the headset from their terrified corpse.

Frankly, I’m not sure how many people are gonna be able to handle a surreal horror experience in VR without browning their trousers – it’ll certainly separate the men from the boys.


We’ll find out soon enough, as Here They Lie launches with PlayStation VR on October 13.