Here’s All The Times The World Should Have Ended in 2016

Twentieth Century Fox

Did you notice that the world didn’t end this year? Odd isn’t it? Especially considering how often it was predicted the world was headed to some hideous Armageddon. 

From the Sun going out, global conflict and biblical prophecy there hasn’t been a week that goes by without some crisis threatening our very existence.

And while we’re pretty confident that all these predictions are bullshit and made by people with far too much time on their hands we can’t report with 100 per cent certainty that we weren’t all saved by some mysterious alien doctor who may or may not travel through time.

So here’s a few of our favourite 2016 doomsday predictions that didn’t happen.

World War 3

Newspapers and websites across the world, ourselves included, have had something of an odd obsession with the potential outbreak of World War 3 this year, reporting on the event usually once or twice a month.

It seems that a lot of the fears and worries come from our old friend Russia, where President Putin has supposedly been building up his forces just waiting for all out war to break out across Europe and the rest of the world.

While in the end (or at least at the time of writing) World War Three hasn’t happened who knows, maybe next year journalists across the land will get their wish?

There’s A Bad Moon Rising…

Gregory H. Revera Via Wikimedia

Back in September the world was supposedly threatened by a rare ‘Black Moon’, an astrological phenomenon where the illuminated side of the moon is caught in the Earth’s shadow, making it nearly invisible.

Despite this happening roughly every 32 months conspiracy theorists were terrified that this particular moon would doom us all.

Apparently people were concerned that because the black moon happened after an eclipse which fulfils a prophecy in the bible about stars fallin out of the sky and all manner of nasty business.

Of course the stars stayed where they were, which is pretty embarrassing for the conspiracy theorists who presumably hid in bunkers.

The Sun’s Black Spot…

Earlier this year a few people were slightly concerned that The Sun, as in the big hot thing in the sky that’s responsible for all life was disintegrating.

It wasn’t, thankfully, it’d just developed a case of cosmic acne when it crew a ‘coronal hole’,  a low-density regions of the sun’s atmosphere which appears much darker than its surroundings because it’s colder than the surrounding region.

Mega Tsunami Versus Mega Earthquake

Wikimedia/Oliver Spalt

While this sounds like the title of a gloriously stupid SyFy original movie this is the only apocalypse that has any science behind it.

Basically there’s a huge hole in the Pacific ocean floor near Australia that could cause catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis. And in fact it does regularly that’s why the Pacific is so geologically active.

Halloween And The End Of Days

A Christian YouTube channel called End Times Prophecies, were convinced that a catastrophically large earthquake was going to doom us all when the Earth’s magnetic poles flipped.

NASA, being the government shills they are, denied this was going to happen and rather predictably used their precious science to prove it, don’t they know we don’t need experts anymore.

Again the world didn’t end, nor did it any of the other times that  End Times Prophecies predicted the end of the world.