Here’s Everything On Sale On The PlayStation Store This Week

by : Ewan Moore on : 11 Nov 2016 09:34

It might be a pretty tough time for those in the USA right now (well, at least half of them), but at times like this, it’s always good to enjoy some videogame fun. 


It’s a good thing that this week’s PlayStation Store deals are here then, and until November 15 you can get your hands on some real gems.

Bear in mind that this is US only, as for some reason us peasants in the UK don’t get access to such sweet deals. Ah well.


Anyone looking for a fair wedge of content can pick up Bloodborne: The Complete Edition Bundle for 50 percent off (now $24.99), or the Far Cry 4 and Zombii bundle for the same price – two very different, but equally interesting games.


Other highlights include Rockstar gems such as Bully, Manhunt and Red Dead Revolver for $11.24.

You can check out all the PlayStation 4 deals right here.

Meanwhile, anyone with a PlayStation 3 can grab some fantastic PS1 classics for $2.99. The likes of Tomb Raider II, Dino Crisis, Medieval, Rayman 2, and Spyro are all available for a little over the price of a cup of coffee.

Finally, Vita gamers can get some absolute crackers such as Towerfall Ascension for $7.49, Fez for $8.70, or Flow for $1.79.

You can find all the deals over here. Just remember they’re only good till November 15, then you’ll have to pay full price – just like the rest of us none US chumps.

Ewan Moore

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