Here’s Exactly What You Need To Do To Get Glasto Tickets Tomorrow


I’ve had no luck for the last three years of Glasto, so I am a complete expert on on what not to do.

It’s going to happen this year, and this is how:

Before you can do anything, check here if you’re registered and to recover your details.

First of all, get those registration numbers and postcodes ready in a document to copy and paste at speed.


Unfortunately, obtaining tickets for the liberal and happy-go-lucky festival requires strict organisation and no element of spontaneity (oh the irony), so you’ll need to get your squad into groups of sixes.

Then each person in your six, equipped with registration numbers, postcodes, and £50 deposit per person, can get tickets for everyone.

So it’s highly likely you’re going to be very hungover tomorrow which means you’re going to need at least three alarms to get you up in time for the 9am release.


8.30 is a safe bet in case your laptop and phone both decide to do a 10 minute update tomorrow.

When you’re all set up on as many devices as possible, get this page up on your screen, and get ready to get fucking intimate with your refresh button.

Once you get through (positive attitude), don’t mess about, get those details in quickly because until you do, there are no tickets reserved.

I made the painful mistake last year of proof-reading my details nonchalantly, thinking that getting through to the purchase screen meant I had secured tickets (it still hurts).


You will have to pay the rest of the balance (£188 + £5 booking fee) in the first week of April 2017, and postage will be charged per order.

Good luck and “don’t worry, there’s always resale in April” said the patronising wankers who got tickets.