Here’s How Deadly Kim Jong-un’s H-Bomb Would Be If It Hit The US


Nuclear enthusiast and leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un has sent shockwaves of terror to political leaders across the world after successfully testing a long-range hydrogen bomb.

It’s believed the launch was five times more powerful than the atomic bomb which the United States dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

The H-bomb killed nearly 80,000 people instantly, but the death toll rose to a staggering approximate of 135,000.


With fears increasingly growing over Kim Jong-un and his military plans, Nuclear Secrecy’s Nuke Map shows what would happen it he targeted America and England.

According to the map, a blast on England’s capital would kill over 130,000, leaving another 350,000 plus injured.

However after the first 24 hours, the figure would dramatically rise.

Alex Wellersteing / The Nuclear Secrecy Blog

In the aftermath of such an attack, the nuclear radius would spread 47.9 sq km – roughly the area between Kings Cross and Brixton.

A fireball radius would instantly spread 0.79 sq km and an air blast radius of 3.21 sq km which would kill everyone in the zone, demolishing buildings too.

The radiation radius of 10.5 sq km – roughly the distance from Belgravia to Kennington – could kill up to 90% of people from the affects alone, but death could take up to several weeks.

People in the outskirts of the radiation zone would suffer from further symptoms, including third degree burns, severe scarring, or even disablement, which can result in amputations.


In New York City though, things would be a little different in terms of fatalities.

The death toll in New York could total over 400,000, with another 6305,000 injured within the first 24 hours.


Here’s hoping it’s something we never have to worry about…