Here’s How Jeremy Clarkson And James May Are Voting In The EU Referendum

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It seems like, for once, Jeremy Clarkson and James May have actually managed to agree on something.


In a video released on YouTube, the pair have surprisingly backed the Remain campaign – arguing that a Brexit following this Thursday’s vote would have a negative impact on their new show, The Grand Tour, reports International Business Times.

Clarkson said:

It annoys me actually, I’ll be honest, because I want to Remain in Europe but that means agreeing with him.


May replied: 

Yeah, this is very uncharacteristic. We’ve had to put aside the normal policy of our TV show and our relationship and agree on something apart from ‘the Ford Mondeo is a good car’.


Basically, Clarkson says that if the UK were to leave the EU, The Grand Tour team would face a lot of difficulties when trying to test cars on the continent.

He explained:

If we weren’t in Europe we’d have to get a carnet made every single time we wanted to go to one of these [EU] countries and that would take, well, a hundred years.


However, the former Top Gear team aren’t the only celebrities to weigh in on the debate.


In a recent interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, 83-year-old actor, Sir Michael Caine said:

[The EU] is a government by proxy over everybody, who has now got carried away. Unless there’s some extremely significant changes, we should get out.

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Other prominent endorsements have come from vacuum king Sir James Dyson (Leave) and hot air balloon enthusiast Sir Richard Branson (Remain).

The latest polls have showed a small swing towards Remain, with an online survey from YouGov showing Remain on 44 per cent and Leave on 43 per cent.

It’s going to be close!

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