Here’s How Kate Upton Stays In Shape And Still Eats Doughnuts

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Unsurprisingly being a model requires a lot of hard work in the gym, and Kate Upton has proven she is no slouch.


Speaking to People the 24-year-old’s trainer explained some of the details from her intense workout routine that even allows her to indulge her sweet tooth.

Utpon said:

I found a training plan that really works for my body.

I love feeling strong, and strength training has really changed my body.


Upton, who has made the cover of Sports Illustrated for a third time, works with Bruno for a minimum of one hour 5-6 days per week.

According to People a regular workout will start with a warm-up which includes foam rolling, resistance band work, lunges, and of course stretching. Then things get kicked up a notch.

Bruno explained:

One of they key tenets of my program is progressive overload. We do slow increases over time, so you build gradually.

It’s important to always strive to be better, whether that’s with more weights or reps or moving to a harder exercise. With Kate we do all three at different points, so we’ve gradually built up.

Upton follows her warm-up with circuit-based strength-training. This involves three or four strength-building exercises performed with no rest in between. Typical movements include weighted hip-thrusts (200lbs), TRX rows, single-leg Romanian deadlifts, and a body saw for a core workout.

The lack of rest between each also gives her a solid cardio session too.


To finish Upton will undertake conditioning exercises such as rowing, and weighted sled pushes or pulls.

The effects have seen the American make great gains in strength. She can reportedly deadlift over 200 lbs, sled push 500 lbs, and perform weighted bear crawls up to 300 lbs.

Bruno added:

She’s insanely strong. Stronger than a lot of athletes I train!

And she has also adopted a nutrition plan that allows her to enjoy cheat foods in moderation – even mid-workout on some occasions.

Upton explained it’s about making simple choices:

On the diet front, I’ve learned balance. For example, rather than having wine and doughnuts, you can have wine or doughnuts.

It certainly is a healthier approach to find such a balance rather than flit between feast and famine, and it’s certainly working for Kate!

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