Here’s How Much Barack Obama Is Making Now He’s Not President


Think what you like about Obama but the truth is, he’s making one helluva lot of money right now.

Despite being out of the Oval Office for the past three months, Mr. Obama – perhaps the coolest President the U.S. has, and will, ever see is certainly walking with a chirp in his step.

How so? Well Barack has reportedly agreed to accept $400,000 to speak at a health care conference this year sponsored by a Wall Street investment bank. That’s a lot more than other presidents, according to the New York Times.


For instance, good ol’ Bill Clinton made around $200,000 per speech and George W. Bush, was paid $100,000 for each appearance. That’s a big improvement for Barry Obama.

Interestingly – the name and face behind the viral fuckfest that is ‘Cash Me Outside’, Danielle Bregoli, makes $40,000 from appearing at private parties. I wish somebody would pay me to spout my drivel at their parties.


Not only is Barack Obama doubling Bill’s figures, but Mr. Obama and his wife Michelle have also signed book deals with Penguin for what is thought to be worth over $60 million – and it’s thought that their books are going to smash among their supporters.

These books will also give Obama a platform where he could, potentially, deliver another State of the Union address – only in print this time.


Recently the Obama clan moved house to an affluent suburb of Washington but who’s their neighbours? Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared – as well as Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, just a few blocks down.

Ooo. That’s awkward. Maybe with all that money he should build a wall.