Here’s How Much It Would Actually Cost To Be Batman

DC Comics/Warner Bros

Let’s face it, everyone wants to be a superhero. But, without a highly unlikely turn of events (bitten by a radioactive spider, anyone?), chances are slim that we’ll be living out our dreams anytime soon.

Our best bet is to emulate Batman, who uses his cash to fight the bad guys, but becoming “the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now”, won’t come cheap.

Given his mansion, the underground hideout, all those cars, the gadgets, the existential despair caused by the loss of his parents and everything in between, we’ve always imagined that Batman would have to be disgustingly wealthy in order to sustain his double life.

And our suspicions have just been confirmed.

DC Comics/Warner Bros

Comic historian Thaddeus Howze has managed to nail Batman’s income down to a very specific amount.

$682,450,750, to be exact. (That’s around £451m).

Wow, no wonder The Joker hates him so much!

That astronomical figure comes from the life of Batman as seen in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. However, most of that amount is down to the rebuilding of Wayne Manor to incorporate a multi-faceted underground cave after it was destroyed in Batman Begins.

Without that, you’ll only need a mere $83 million (£55m). For that, you get the batsuit, specialised training, equipment, gadgets, and your own personal wisecracking manservant.

Apparently, the high-tech suit alone would set you back around $1,058,600 (£700,000).

Imgur/Thaddeus Howze

As for vehicles, you’d be shelling out around $18 million (£12m) for ‘The Tumbler’ style Batmobile, with the ‘Batpod’ built-in motorbike escape pod for a further $1.5 million (£1m). ‘The Bat’ – his hovering vehicle from the most recent movie – would cost an eye-watering $60 million (£40m).

Imgur/Thaddeus Howze

To get some Batman-style gadgets of your own, meanwhile, you’re looking at over $200,000 (£130,000) for the Caped Crusader’s entire arsenal.

Imgur/Thaddeus Howze

Oh and for all that training you’ll require in order to fly planes, shoot guns and all that other cool stuff, tag on another $200,000 (£130,000).

Imgur/Thaddeus Howze

Wayne Manor will cause the biggest dent in your bank balance though, especially all the costs of rebuilding it after that pesky Ra’s al Ghul burnt it down. Plus, you’d have to hire security, reinforce the Batcave, install new systems and supercomputers, build medical facilities, and pay off the workers to keep them quiet.

Imgur/Thaddeus Howze

It’s $600 million (£397m) to do all that. Yeah, on second thoughts, maybe we’ll just leave Commissioner Gordon to do all the work…