Here’s How Much Your Favourite Rappers Charge For A Show


By now we’re probably all aware of Fifty Cent’s ongoing ‘bankruptcy’ saga – and of the massive piles of cash he’s been posting all over Instagram.

But exactly how much do top rappers earn?

Due to the rise in torrenting, streaming, and music sharing – so, the Internet – it’s a fact that records just don’t sell like they used to, reports The Chive.

So, nowadays, those who make their living through music are making the bulk of their money through touring.

As it has become more crucial, the amount artists get paid for a single show has seen a pretty meteoric rise.

But which rap artist is currently topping the earnings table? Well, things may have changed a little over the last few months, but the figures from 2015 have been revealed…

Kendrick Lamar: $125k+


In at number eight on this list – it’s fair to assume that after the start to 2016 that Kendrick has had, he’ll be challenging towards the top of next year’s list…

50 Cent: $150k+


Considering that nowadays the bulk of his exposure comes from being a dick on Instagram, that’s actually not bad going.

Nicki Minaj: $250k+


The 33-year-old Trinidadian may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she still pulls an enormous crowd and at a cool quarter of a million dollars a show she probably doesn’t care what you think.

Lil Wayne: $300k+


He’s been at the top of the rap game for nearly a decade now. Admittedly his work hasn’t been the most consistent – Rebirth and IANAHB2 spring to mind – but stick Carter III on and you begin to understand that price tag.

Drake: $350k-$600k


When you take into account that Views From The 6 album has come since theses figures were released you can bet your bottom dollar this fee has grown.

Macklemore: $350k-$700k


Since storming into the mainstream with Thrift Shop back in 2013, Ben Haggerty (you can see why he changed it) has won critical acclaim, taking home four Grammys in 2014. With new album This Unruly Mess I’ve Made released in February this year he could be another one moving up this list.

Kanye West: $500k+


Where do you start with Kanye? The controversial rapper is loved and hated in pretty much equal measure. You never know quite what you’re going to get from one of his legendary live performances, so it’s fair to say that it could be the best half million you’ve ever spent or, on the other hand, it could be Glastonbury all over again.

Jay Z: $1,000,000+

jay zWikipedia

Of course Jay Z is pulling in absolute stacks of cash. When you consider that some reports claim the rapper and his wife – a certain Beyonce – had personally been raking in as much as $4 million a night during their On the Run tour it’s hard to see anyone overtaking them in the earnings league any time soon.

These numbers aren’t set in stone as artists vary their fees per show – performers can get paid more for a ‘one-off’ show at a festival, college, or private party than you would for tour dates.

Fair play to these guys – it takes some serious talent and dedication to get to where they are – and there’s definitely worse ways to make cash.