This Could Be Worst Attempt To Put Out Building On Fire Ever


A pair of well meaning, if inept, security guards are having the shit ripped out of them online for their pretty poor efforts to put out a raging apartment fire. 

When a fire broke out in the apartment block the men were guarding, they utilised all their skills and training (AKA none) to combat the blaze and grabbed a hosepipe to tackle the flames, the Mirror reports.

Unfortunately for the two would-be fire-fighters, the water pressure in the hose wouldn’t have been enough to put out a candle let alone a house fire, but at least the bushes got watered.

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In the clip, which was uploaded to YouTube by Bala RulZ on April 3, has already been watched more than 134,000 times and while most enjoyed laughing at the security guards’ efforts, others defended them.

One user wrote: “Well at least they fucking tried. what did you expect? they are just security guards.”

Another viewer decide to be a bit more sarcastic, adding: “Solid problem solving.”

Personally I’m on the security guards side and even though they were pretty shitty fire fighters they get ‘A’ for effort from me.