Here’s How Quickly Russia Would Destroy NATO If War Broke Out

Georgia NATO ExercisesPA Images

In news that no one wanted to hear, a U.S Defence official has warned that Russia could ‘destroy NATO in less than three days’.

U.S deputy assistant secretary of defence for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, Michael Carpenter, told the U.S Senate that Russia has both a massive geographical advantage and a head-start in preparing potential conflict, reports The Weekly Standard.

According to Dr Carpenter, Britain and the U.S are simply not ready for war with Russia and won’t be until at least next year.

Russia has allegedly deployed troops along its western border as part of an on-going standoff with the alliance and NATO is reportedly in the process of boosting its forces, however estimates state they won’t be ready until the end of 2017.

Dr Carpenter also warned NATO would be unable to defend Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – which border Russia – although they are planning to reinforce the area with seven new brigades.

Dr Carpenter said:

I’m confident by the end of 2017 – when we have an additional armoured brigade combat team worth of force posture on the eastern flank of the alliance – that we will be [ready].

Geoergia NATO Military ExercisesPA Images

The stark warning has come as NATO carries out its largest ‘war games’ in Eastern Europe since the Cold War ended.

Nineteen NATO members – as well as five other nations – are contributing troops to the 10-day exercise which is aiming to test their responses to threats from land, sea and air.

Rather you than me guys…