Here’s How To Cheat At Bottle Flipping And Finally End That Trend

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Back in May, a video appeared online showing a U.S. high school student named Mike Senatore taking part in a school talent show.


He tossed a water bottle in the air before making it land upright on the table. Not exactly magic, but it took to the Internet like peanut butter on jelly and a new viral sensation was born.

Nine months later and it’s still a thing. It’s everywhere. Want to get rid of the trend? It’s not about talent – there’s a science behind the trick, as explained by The Game Theorists. Learn it, show your friends and tell everyone.

There’s perfect water level:


Empty water bottles weigh practically nothing and the center of mass will be right around the middle. For those of you who took high school science, you’ll know this isn’t ideal for making a full flip and landing right side up.

The ideal sweet spot for most bottles is filling up the bottle to the 1/3 mark because it’s there that the centre of mass is going to be about as low as it can go.

Double check that by tipping your bottle over at a 45 degree angle. If it tips back upwards, congratulations, you’ve found your centre of mass. If it falls, that means your centre of mass is too high – so start drinking some water.

There’s a right bottle, and a wrong bottle:


If you take a look at the Dude Perfect water jug flips, the bottles are hardly filled, and that’s because it doesn’t take a lot of water to weigh them down. It’s really hard to fill these jugs enough that their centre of gravity will result in you tipping it over – they’re just too sturdy.

If you don’t want to lug around a massive jug to impress your friends though, there are some bottles that work better than others.

Avoid tall, narrow bottles and instead go for Fiji water – it’s got a firmer plastic and wider base, which makes it easier to successfully flip than your typical water bottle. Just be careful trying to find the water level, the short bottle means you have to be very precise.


The throw:


When you throw a water bottle into the air, the centre of mass is shifting as the bottle moves around. Now, as we know by this point, centre of mass is pretty important to executing the perfect water bottle flip.

Basically, don’t throw it too far. The key here is to try to use as much force upward while also putting that spin on the bottle.

The best way to do this is to make sure the water bottle is parallel to the ground when you release it.

Confused? Here’s a video with A+ graphics:

Got it?

Now go show all your friends so we can end this trend.

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