Here’s How To Get To Sleep In Hot Weather


We’ve all been there, and we’re there right now – when it’s just too hot to sleep.


Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep in hot weather? We have some tips to help you along.

They do include a hot water bottle and closing your windows but do bear with us….


Keep those windows closed

A lot of people are keen to keep their windows open when the temperature goes up – but it’s a no no.

Opening the windows only lets hot air in. Windows, and curtains, should be kept closed.


Use a hot water bottle.

Just without to hot water. If you fill it with freezing cold water and put it in your bed, it cools it down. Who knew?

Place ice in front of a fan.

In a Telegraph article, it says, you can put ‘two litre bottles of water in the freezer, put them in a bowl in front of a fan and let the fan blow over the cold bottles’.

Have a cold shower.

A cool shower before bed will get your body temperature down.

Keep your pillow cool.

Easier said than done, this one.

Some people put their pillows in the freezer – or using those freezer blocks you put in a cooler bag come in useful, just put them in a bag inside your pillowcase, underneath the pillow.

No duvet.

Don’t even bother with a duvet, what’s the point in it if it isn’t to keep you warm? Get a sheet instead.

And, if you sleep naked, you’re actually better off using a thin sheet of cotton as a layer because it will help control your body temperature, according to the Telegraph.

Avoid drinking alcohol.

Alcohol sweats on top of hot weather, no thank you. Keeping hydrated with plenty of water is the best thing for you.

Have a light evening meal.

Anything stodgy or full of carbs will continue to be digested and this creates internal temperature.

*Tries all of the above in one go*