Here’s How To Make A Giant Wispa Gold



– 375g dark chocolate
– 6 eggs (separated)
– 150ml double cream
– 2 tbsp milk
– 4 gelatine leaves
– 300g caster sugar
– 30g butter
– 150ml double cream
– 400g milk chocolate


For the chocolate mousse, fold the egg yolks and whipped double cream into the melted chocolate.

And gradually add in the whipped egg whites.

Whisk the soaked gelatine leaves into the hot milk.

And pour into the mousse mix.

Pour the mousse into a lined tin. Freeze for two hours.

Heat the sugar with 75ml of water to a caramel and whisk in the butter.

And add in the cream. Allow to cool.

Pour on top of the mousse. Freeze for one hour.

Coat the giant bar in melted milk chocolate. Refrigerate for one hour.

Now, enjoy.