Here’s How To Make Mac ‘N’ Cheese Pizza



– 35g butter
– 35g plain flour
– 350ml milk
– 2 tsp English mustard
– 75g cheddar cheese
– 170g mozzarella
– 250g cooked macaroni
– 200g cooked bacon lardons
– Pizza dough
– Marinara sauce


First, melt the butter in a pan and whisk in the flour.

Gradually pour in the milk and whisk.

Spoon in the mustard and mix in the cheddar and 75g of mozzarella. Season.

Pour the sauce onto the pasta and mix with the cooked bacon lardons.

Meanwhile, roll out the pizza dough and cut it into a circle.

Sprinkle 50g of mozzarella around the side to create a stuffed crust, before spooning on the tomato sauce.

Top with macaroni cheese and the remaining mozzarella. Bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Now, enjoy.