How To Give Yourself The Best Chance Of Surviving In A Falling Elevator

by : UNILAD on : 23 Jan 2017 16:30

You’d be lying if you said you’d never got in a lift and thought about your escape route in the event that all the cables break and you’re left plummeting down an elevator shaft.


There’s the classic myth that if you jump at the perfect time, just as the lift hits the bottom, you could counteract the speed at which you’re falling… but Mythbusters kind of proved that one wrong a while ago.

Now, it’s highly highly unlikely you would ever find yourself in such a situation because lifts these days have about five different back up security features and the chances of all these failing is extremely low.

The guys as SciShow have tried to answer how you could survive such a situation, without relying on luck, and it appears to be by spreading your weight out in the lift.


They say that laying on the floor to spread the impact of the shock all across your body is your best chance at survival.

If the elevator was moving at an extremely high speed, the weightless effect would make lying on the floor difficult, but they reassure that you should try and do it.

There was however one case, in 1945 when a pilot accidentally crashed his plane into the Empire State Building and a woman was told to enter an elevator to escape, but the chords snapped and she fell 75 floors to the basement. The most shocking part, was she survived.

This event has plagued the minds of scientists who concluded that it was a mixture of the facts that the elevator was a very closed shaft meaning that it was travelling at such a high speed that it trapped air underneath it, cushioning the fall onto a layer of piled cables (which acted like a spring).

Next time you’re in an awkward lift silence, I hope this information serves as a good ice breaker.

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