Here’s How You Can Become A Secret Agent In Your Summer Holidays

by : Mark Foster on : 23 Jan 2016 08:49

Warm up those digits, whack in your copy of Swordfish and get ready to take the red pill, because you could be fighting cyber-terrorism in your summer holidays.


According to the BBCGovernment Communications Headquarters (or GCHQ to us plebs) are currently hiring students to work at the company and earn a pretty penny learning how to combat cyber baddies.

Successful candidates will be looking at up to £250 a week with a chance “to develop their own cyber skills, learn how GCHQ protects the UK against cyber threats and meet other people with similar interests.”


The Cyber Insiders course in Cheltenham will accept first or second year uni students who study computer science, maths or physics to learn from some of the world’s best cybersecurity experts between July 4 and September 9.


There’s also courses in Cyber Exposure, which run from July 11 to August 19 in Manchester, Thames Valley and for some reason Scarborough, for those with a natural interest in technology and problem solving. This one is open to anybody with five GCSEs,  including Maths and English, and who are also on track to achieve two A-Levels at C grade or higher (or equivalent).

If you fancy yourself a government sort then you’ll need to act quickly, as applications for Cyber Insiders close on March 7, while there’s a February 8 deadline on Cyber Exposure.

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