Here’s How You Can Tell A New £1 Coin Is Worth £250

by : UNILAD on : 10 Apr 2017 16:50

The novelty of the new one pound coin is yet to wear off, and it is prime time to keep an eye out for the rare ones that could fetch up to £250.


The new coin, which features a high security hologram, does not have a serial number for you to inspect, so you’ll have to dig a bit deeper to find the treasure.

The Mirror spoke to money expert Alex Cassidy from GoCompare who revealed you need to look carefully at the colours in the two bands.


Cassidy said to the Mirror:


As with the current £2 coins, the 2017 £1 coin is bi-metallic – in this case an outer ‘gold’ coloured nickel-brass band with an inner ‘silver’ coloured cupro-nickel disc.

Because of this, any potential die errors during production, which occurs when the dies have become misaligned, could be worth a lot of money.

Punters should pay attention to both the floral crown on the reverse side for any rotations, as well as the Queen’s head, which should sit directly above the new bevelled edge


Experts are predicting that the value of the new pound will mirror that of the 1994 two pound coin.

Alex said:

These new £1 trial coins are fascinating, especially considering the financial precedent of the £2 trial coins in 1994, which have since become one of the most sought after collectable coins in Britain.

If these new trial coins turn out to be as valuable as 1994’s, then anyone who gets their hands on them now could be sitting on a future goldmine.


The most valuable of the coins will be the special pre-production samples which are used for approval purposes and is produced to a higher standard of finish.

Over 2.2 billion of the coin will be produced this year, and the first batch will commemorate the achievements of Jane Austen, Sir Isaac Newton and The Royal Flying Corps.

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