Here’s How You Make A Giant Cookie Sandwich



Baked cookie:

– 150g caster sugar
– 225g butter
– 1 egg yolk
– 240g plain flour
– 40g cocoa powder
– 50g chocolate chips

Cookie dough filling:

– 115g butter
– 170g sugar
– 460g plain flour
– 1 can condensed milk
– 75g chocolate chips

Extra bits:

– 200g Nutella
– 200g Marshmallow Fluff
– 250g Oreos

cookie fb thumb


First, cream the butter and sugar together.


Then add in the egg yolk and whisk.

giphy (1)

Add the flour, cocoa powder and chocolate chips and mix.

giphy (2)

Split the dough into two and press each half into a cake tray. Bake for 20 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius.

giphy (6)

For the cookie dough filling, cream together the butter and sugar.

giphy (3)

Then fold in the condensed milk.

giphy (4)

And finally add in the flour and chocolate chips. Mix.

giphy (5)

To assemble, press in the cookie dough filling on top of the cookie base.

giphy (7)

Then spread on the Nutella.

giphy (8)

And layer on those Oreos.

giphy (10)

Then Marshmallow Fluff.

giphy (11)

And finally top with the other cookie base. Refrigerate for one hour.

giphy (12)

Serve with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

giphy (13)

Now, enjoy.