Here’s How You Make Banana Caramel Popsicles



– 600ml milk
– 100g toffee
– 85g peanut butter
– 1 banana
– milk chocolate
– chopped nuts


In a blender, pour in the milk and toffee.

giphy (16)

Then add the peanut butter.

giphy (22)

Blend the mix.

giphy (17)

Slice the banana & fill each lolly mould with equal amounts of it.

giphy (18)

Then pour the milk mix into the moulds.

giphy (19)

Put the lid on top and insert the sticks. Freeze for up to six hours.

giphy (20)

To finish, drizzle melted chocolate over the ice lollies and top with chopped nuts. Freeze for a final 10 minutes.

giphy (21)

Now, enjoy.

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