Here’s How You Make Ice Cream Waffle Tacos



– 250g plain flour
– 1 tbsp baking powder
– 20g caster sugar
– 1 tbsp salt
– 2 eggs
– 475ml milk
– 3 scoops vanilla ice cream
– Squirty cream
– Chocolate sauce
– Glace cherries
– Sprinkles



In one bowl combine flour, baking powder, sugar and salt.

giphy (1)

In a separate bowl whisk together eggs and milk.

giphy (2)

Pour the egg mix into the flour and mix. Add vegetable oil.

giphy (3)

Spray your waffle maker with oil and pour in the mix.

giphy (4)

Cook on a high heat for 5-6 minutes.

giphy (5)

To serve, spoon in the ice cream and add the squirty cream.

giphy (6)

Finally, drizzle on chocolate sauce, place the cherries on top and add sprinkles.

giphy (7)

Now, enjoy.