Here’s How You Make Pepperoni Pizza Waffles



– Pizza dough
– 300ml passata
– 1 tbsp garlic
– 1 tbsp red chilli
– 1 tbsp oregano
– Small handful of basil
– 60g mozzarella
– 60g cheddar

waffle pic 2


To make the marinara sauce, first fry the garlic, chilli and oregano together.


Then add in the passata.

giphy (1)

Cook for five minutes, before adding in the basil and seasoning.

giphy (2)

Roll out the pizza dough and cut out a circle.

giphy (3)

Spread the sauce onto the base and chuck on the cheese.

giphy (4)

Then the pepperoni.

giphy (8)

Place on the basil and cut out the circle of dough and place on top.

giphy (6)

Cook for 5-6 minutes in a waffle maker.

giphy (7)

Now, enjoy.

waffle pic 1