Here’s How You Make Philly Cheese Steak Dogs



– 1 red pepper
– 2 white onions
– 3 cloves of garlic
– 250g rib-eye steak (sliced)
– 4 slices of smoked cheddar
– 4 hot dogs
– 4 hot dog buns
– Mustard
– Ketchup



First, fry the peppers and onions.

giphy (8)

Then add the garlic and cook down for 15 minutes, until the onions and pepper are softened.

giphy (9)

Then, fry the sliced steak for 1-2 minutes.

giphy (10)

Add the steak into the pepper and onion mix.

giphy (11)

Cook the hot dogs for 4-5 minutes until warmed through.

giphy (12)

Pour the steak mix onto a baking try and top with the cheese. Grill for 3 minutes.

giphy (13)

To serve, place the hot dog in each bun and top with the cheesy steak mix.

giphy (14)

Then top with ketchup and mustard.

giphy (15)

Now, enjoy.