Here’s The Disney Princess With The Highest Kill Count


Not all Disney princesses are sugar, spice and all things nice.

Singing, flowers, talking to animals and pretty dresses may spring to mind when you think about Disney princesses but many of them are true bad-asses, some even have a penchant for killing.

But which Disney character has the highest body count?


She may look nice but Mulan killed 1,995  people, more than any other princess and according to Reddit she is the most prolific killer of all Disney characters.

Our heroine crushed 2,000 Huns in an avalanche caused by a rocket.

Only six survived, including Shan-Yu who Mulan, but Mulan’s insatiable bloodlust made light work of him later in the film.


A small piece of Disney trivia for the pub quiz, not only does the female soldier have a whopping kill count, she is also the first princess to be depicted in the act of killing on-screen.

So don’t mess with Mulan folks, you won’t live long enough to regret it apparently…