Here’s The Full Video Of Drug Lord El Chapo’s Escape From Maximum Security Prison


el-chapo-CCTV (1)

The full video footage of Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s escape from prison has now been released.

The world’s most wanted drug baron managed to escape by digging a 1.5 metre tunnel in his shower, at the maximum security Altiplano prison in Mexico back in July, The Mirror reports.


Now Mexican television company Televisa have broadcast the full video with the sound, and have claimed that the guards ignored the ‘construction sounds’ and hammering coming from El Chapo’s cell. They also allege it took the officers 26 minutes to realise that he’d escaped.

The CCTV to the cell was being monitored, but no one raised any alarms until a guard actually went into the cell and noticed he was gone.

It’s estimated by the authorities that it took the 56-year-old Sinaloa cartel boss around 15 minutes to travel through the tunnel to freedom.

The authorities previously released a short extract of the CCTV footage without sound as they claimed it wasn’t audible enough, just after the incident happened in July.