Here’s The Most Beautiful Women In The World, According To The Internet

by : UNILAD on : 26 Mar 2016 16:20

All over the world, everyone has their own idea of beauty.


These ideas might differ massively, but one Reddit user has put together a pretty comprehensive list of people’s beauty ideals from around the world.

The Redditor in question runs a gaming server, and as he explains, he ‘asked all the people on it who the most beautiful woman in their country was.’

He added:

I asked in public chat at the busiest gaming hour for recommendations, then spent a couple of days looking for pics of the names they gave me, posted a shorter version yesterday but got a lot more answers in the evening so here’s the expanded list. Some of the suggestions were probably trolling, bear in mind they’re about 60% under 16 and 30% 35 or older, and mostly male. A lot of US, UK and Aus ones were suggested, but as you all know those already, I decided to focus on the unusual ones.


And here’s a selection of the results:

Tamannaah Bhatia – Indian, actor

Jasmine Villegas – Mexico/Philippines, actor/singer

Emilie Voe Nereng – Norway, blogger/musician


Yaya DaCosta – Brazil/Nigeria, actor/model

Arwa Gouda – Egypt, actor/model

Kristina Asmus – Russia, actor


Farung Yuthithum – Thailand, actor/model

Balqees Ahmed Fathi – Yemen, singer

Teyonah Parris – America, actress

Katerina Geronikolou – Greece, actor/presenter

You can check out the full list over on Imgur.

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    A guy who helped run a gaming server asked all the people on it who the most beautiful woman in their country was. The answers.