Here’s What Happens When You Ask Internet To Name Your Baby


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We’ve already learned you don’t ask the Internet to Photoshop your photos, and now we know never to ask them for baby names, either.

Pregnant mum-of-one Sophie Cachia put one of the most important decisions of her life in the hands of thousands of complete strangers – she asked them to name her baby.

The 24-year-old, from Adelaide, Australia, took to her Instagram account The Young Mummy to ask her 127,000 followers for their name suggestions.

Sophia – who already has a little boy – is only 12 weeks pregnant and admitted she was being a ‘lazy cow’ about choosing a name for her second child.

While she doesn’t know if she’s expecting a boy or a girl, she asked her followers to go ‘all out’ by picking unique name suggestions.

She wrote:

And so the NAME GAME begins!

I’m totally being a lazy cow and would like to be inundated with your many suggestions.

Put below if you think B2 (baby #2) is a boy or a girl, and give me your best name suggestions that go with Bobby. Ps we don’t fancy traditional, this time we’re going all out.

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And boy did her followers go all out.

So far, Sophie has received 1,222 name suggestions. Good luck going through all of those.

Some of the suggestions were typical: Charlie, Ashleigh, Caleb.

And then some were not.

Some took inspiration from 19th century names that will probably never come back, like Bernard, Bertie, Angus, and Atticus. While others took a more herbal route – suggesting names like Sage and Coriander. Sugar was also suggested.

And in case baby number two grows up to be a rapper, Cash and Ziggy were also recommended.

But the best one? Bluebelle Bunny. The commenter who suggested it though asked for it not to be actually used ‘as it’s my daughters name and I’m pretty sure she is the only one in the world.’ She’s even googled it to make sure.

Moral of the story? Don’t ask the Internet for anything.